We know that every family is different and the respective relationships between family members can be even more different. However, when a hospice situation becomes the center of the family’s focus, the dynamics can change. Oftentimes, when a loved one is diagnosed with terminal illness, we set aside any differences we had in the past. It is important to mend relationships with our family members, elders, and loved ones because it is significant in the overall hospice care experience.

At Legacy Hospice and Palliative Care, we encourage clients, the elderly, and their family members to participate in group therapy sessions. These sessions can be cathartic not just for the patient but for the family members too. A hospice counselor will facilitate these family therapy sessions with the goal to create a more harmonious bond in the family, especially when one of their own is facing a very difficult health situation. The hospice counselor can also provide valuable support and advice with anything that is related to the emotional, social, and psychological aspects of an imminent loss of someone that the family members hold dear.

Would you like your own family to have a private group therapy session? Ask for assistance when you call Legacy Hospice and Palliative Care at 909-342-7005.