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A terminal illness does not mean the end of all hope. Even with a life-limiting disease, an individual can still live his or her life to the fullest. With the right team and an ideally structured care plan, life, even in the face of struggle, can still be filled with the utmost joy, meaning, and hope.

At Legacy Hospice and Palliative Care, we put all our efforts into caring instead of curing. With our dedicated team of hospice care professionals and volunteers, we are able to meet the physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs of our patients and their loved ones. We give them the strength to fight on, to live, and to cherish each day as a gift. And when difficult decisions regarding end-of-life care have to be made, we will be there offering our full support and guidance every step of the way! Learn more about us by calling 909-342-7005.

“Now no one is alone!”

Put your mind at ease. With the push of a button the patient is connected with a member of the Legacy hospice team in just seconds 24/7. You can actually hear and speak to Legacy hospice through the wrist pendant or the neck pendant and best of all its wireless just like a cell phone.

**Contact us for more information. Subject to availability.

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We'd love to provide quality care and supportive services to individuals with a life-limiting illness within their homes so they can feel as comfortable and independent as possible.

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