Who qualifies for hospice care?

To qualify for hospice care, patients must be:

  • Terminally ill with a six-month or less life expectancy should their disease take its normal course.
  • Patients and family members, being aware of the prognosis, elect comfort or palliative care instead of active curative methods or treatments.
Where is hospice care provided?

Hospice care is provided wherever the patient resides, whether at their own homes, a relative’s home, a senior home, assisted living communities, nursing homes, and other long-term care facilities including hospitals.

Who is part of the Hospice Care Team?

  • Physician Medical Director
  • Patient’s Attending Physician
  • Skilled Nurses RN, LVN
  • Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA)
  • Medical Social Worker
  • Chaplain / Spiritual Service
  • Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Trained Volunteers
  • Bereavement Coordinator
  • Physical Therapist
Does hospice care mean patients don’t have long to live?
Hospice care does not mean that individuals or families should give up or that death is looming around the corner. Accessing hospice care earlier offers a higher chance of stabilizing the patient’s condition and addressing his or her other needs. There have been a lot of cases wherein patients get discharged because of their improved condition.
Does hospice care only center on the patient?
No. Hospice care provides comfort and emotional support to patients and their family members. We endeavor to enhance the quality of life of individuals and families affected by life-limiting illnesses.